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Condom scientists keep stepping up their game

Posted by Condomologist on March 1, 2010

There’s no questions a good chunk of change goes into developing new, eye-catching, genital-tingling condoms and that variety has seriously increased since the early part of the century. Now we’ve got Trojan Fire and Ice, made to warm the penis and tingle the vagina. I keep coming back to Icy Hot or Ben Gay and any male athlete who’s ever let those hot-cold creams near their balls knows it’s in some ways worse than blunt force to the nuts. I imagine these condoms do not induce pain, but I wonder if other guys will make that same association. On second thought, it makes me think of American Gladiators, but I digress.


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Trojan Her Pleasure and Lifestyles Ultra Lubricated

Posted by Condomologist on May 28, 2009

A reader writes:

The Trojan Her Pleasure condoms feel like the penis is covered in a dry rubber wet suit and is numbing for everybody involved. I think they up the risk of either party wanting to slip it off during the act- a danger zone that i think is gravely underestimated (that slippery sloap of people starting out with good condom intentions and then falling off that plastic covered wagon mid-coital is dangerous to not consider!). The gray [Ultra Sensitive] Lifestyles (they changed the packaging now too I just noticed in Rite Aid last week- they are less gray) really come through on the promise of not intruding too much on irreplaceable pleasure of skin on skin contact.

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Little ditty…’bout Jack and Diane

Posted by Jack & Diane on April 16, 2009

Little ditty…’bout Jack and Diane…and Trojan Magnum


This post is a surreal moment for Jack considering I never thought anyone would care what I had to say about the Trojan Magnum.  I am not saying I am small, but I know I am certainly not big by any means, and my Irish descent certainly doesn’t help me out at all.  Regardless, Jack & Diane enjoyed the experience. Let’s break it down…


  1. Throwing It On – 4 Points
    1. This condom is marketed as,” Larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort” and I would have to agree with this explanation.  The condom fit very nicely and didn’t apply pressure to the base of penis as others can. While this is a latex condom the smell didn’t overwhelm the room and it rolled out nicely.
  2. During – 8 Total Points
    1. Both Jack & Diane enjoyed the experience for several reasons.  First the condom did not dry out, and it did not dry out Diane so no extra lube was needed.  The condom provided a pleasurable experience and lasted a length of time as both of us had some drinks before hand.  The condom continued to fit well during sex as well.  It did not get tighter or irritate the penis at all.
  3. Finish – 3 Points
    1. The condom did not break, and the overall experience was above average.  However, I felt the tip of the condom did not hold all of jiz as it started to surround the penis.  While this could have been a sensation it did make me nervous.


I would encourage giving this condom a try despite the size stereotype.  If you check out Trojans website they offer some other options in the Magnum line including Thin and Ecstasy.  Also, it can’t hurt if you are single and you pull one of these condoms out the first time you are with a chick.




Jack and Diane’s Running Scoreboard


      1 Point                             10 points                              20 points

Is this a trash bag?    Definitely wearing a condom,      Amazing – Isn’t

                                    but at least I’m getting laid         Safe Sex Great!


Lifestyle Skyn — 20 points

Crown Skin Less Skin — 10 points

Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated — 15 points

Trojan Magnum — 15 points


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Riding out these hard times together

Posted by Condomologist on April 14, 2009

The newest Trojan ad, made especially for the recession. And why not? Condom sales are up despite tough economic times, the general wisdom being that folks aren’t too eager to make babies when they’re struggling with what they’ve got, and if couples aren’t going out as often, then they have more time at home…to get it on.

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Still the holiday season, right?

Posted by Condomologist on February 4, 2009

This is no endorsement of Trojan, but thought we should start things off with a good laugh.

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