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Condom dude is back

Posted by Condomologist on February 17, 2010

My one dedicated reader has asked that I make a (less-than-triumphant) return to the blogosphere. And it was a few weeks ago I came across this ad — or “pub,” as it’s called in French, pronounced “pube” with a French accent — and thought, I think it’s about time I return the Condomologist to his proper place. So the blog is back, with slightly less commitment, but again open to the viewing pub-lic. Man I love me some French ingenuity. Enjoy!


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My Greatest Fear

Posted by Condomologist on April 15, 2009

Okay, maybe not my greatest, but certainly a very real fear of mine: my kid will grow up to be a mean, offensive, ill-mannered douche bag. I love kids to death, but if you wanted to scare me into not having any, you’d give me decent odds they would go astray somewhere and make the world a worse place. Still, I’ll take my chances, but striking and not surprising to me that a condom company would play on these fears in marketing their product, as European retailer Doc Morris Pharmacies does here. Pretty dark stuff, but would at least make me think twice — and I’m almost always adamantly against the fear-based messages.


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UK to Relax Condom Advertising Regulations

Posted by Condomologist on March 26, 2009

Tomorrow, the UK government’s advertising agency will recommend that longstanding regulations preventing condom adverts from television before 9pm should be relaxed. Under proposed new rules, condom commercials can be aired throughout the day, though not during programming aimed at very young (u-10) audiences. Brandrepublic notes that this coincides with the launch of what they’re calling one of the “raciest commercials ever made,” an ad for the relatively new Lifestyles Skyn condom (seen below), a non-latex style made of polyisoprene. My condom reviewers Jack and Diane may or may not condone the explicit nature of the ad, but they sure do love this condom. You be the judge.


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