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The Situation uses condoms

Posted by Condomologist on March 2, 2010

Who ever said Jersey Shore had nothing valuable to offer society? Nothing but safer sex messages — and amazingly, they’re better advocates than The View’s Sherri Shepherd, who perpetuates the myth that hot water from a hot tub will kill sperm. (Unless her misinformation is quickly corrected  in a later part of the video not shown here.)


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Sensis condom testers wanted!

Posted by Condomologist on June 16, 2009

As I wrote about awhile back, there’s a new condom on the market called Sensis, which promotes its QuickStrips technology as a foolproof way to put on a condom without the fumbling and bumbling associated with other condoms. I’ll admit that putting on a condom is not the easiest of tasks, so while I mocked it a bit in my previous post, I’m willing to give these condoms their props if the people respond. If you’ve used one already, please give me your feedback. And if you want a free sample, I’ll happily send you the one I just received in the mail. Just shoot me an email. I’ll leave you with the write-up from the insert that came along with my sample.

Because of the new Quickstrips technology, condom application is quick and secure every time. The tabs mean no more fumbling to figure out which side is correct — a true benefit since 30% of the time users initially put condoms on incorrectly and then have to flip it, at which point it’s contaminated. Given your hands don’t even have to touch the condom you avoid nicks and breaks plus the lubricant stays on the condom — no messy hands. As one user said, “This is great because even drunk in the dark, I can get this on!” Like we said, “Quick, easy, safe, secure.”

I’ll simply point out — especially in the wake of the withdrawal effectiveness debate — that studies have shown that pre-cum does not contain sperm, despite what most people in the sex ed world will tell you, unless the sperm comes from a previous ejaculation where the man has not cleared his urethra by urinating. So the chances that putting a condom on upside down, then quickly realizing the error and putting it on correctly, will lead to pregnancy is slim-to-none. But like I said, if folks want Quickstrips for ease of use, then let them have Quickstrips.

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Trash Talk with Condom Ads

Posted by Condomologist on June 13, 2009

My partner in crime on the rap stage, dude named TWise living down in Mexico, put me on to this hilarious ad from condom company Tulipan, some pre-match intimidation prior to Argentina facing off against Brazil in soccer.

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Jack and Diane Review – Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated

Posted by Jack & Diane on March 31, 2009

Little ditty…’bout Jack and Diane…and Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated.


As a quick review we have had the Dustin Pedroia of condoms…the ‘Lifestyle Skyn’ and the Mendoza line of condom’s in the ‘Skin Less Skin Crown Condom.’  For all of you who have no idea what I’m talking about… (The Mendoza Line is an informal term used in baseball when a position player’s batting average falls below the boundary between extremely poor and merely below-average offensive production.)  Our next stop is the ‘Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated.’  Let’s break it down…


  1. Throwing It On – 4 Points
    1. This condom is considered ‘ultra’ lubricated.  Come to think of it I don’t know the difference between lightly and ultra.  Anyways, this condom rolled on as we all expect condoms too, as opposed to being pulled on.  No pain and it didn’t ruin the moment.  Flat out from the male perspective this is all that matters. 
    2. Also, no strong order from the rubber or lube.  So we are two for two.
  2. During – 7 Total Points
    1. There was nothing but a pleasurable experience from both Jack & Diane as we both got into it and starting mixing up positions.
    2. The condom started going downhill as it started to slide off and bunch up near the tip.  You all know what I’m talking about as the condom starts to look like a tube sock you just took off after gym class.  So there was a need to readjust and pull it down.
  3. Finish – 4 Points
    1. The condom did not break, and the overall experience was above average.  The collection of the condom near the tip of the penis did cause some concern, but the condom did operate well. 


From the female perspective, Diane did not complain at all about the condom, so that can be considered a success as well.  This condom provided a pleasurable experience and the only thing we had to worry about was it bunching up towards the top.  Our advice to you all… worth the effort and the money.



Jack and Diane’s Running Scoreboard


      1 Point                             10 points                              20 points

Is this a trash bag?    Definitely wearing a condom,      Amazing – Isn’t

                                  but at least I’m getting laid         Safe Sex Great!


Lifestyle Skyn — 20 points

Crown Skin Less Skin — 10 points

Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated — 15 points

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Jack and Diane Review – Lifestyle Skyn

Posted by Jack & Diane on March 10, 2009

Little ditty…’bout Jack and Diane…and Lifestyle Skyn.


The condomologist’s review of any type of condom we can get our hands on begins with the Lifestyle Skyn. If you visit, first thing I noticed was the fact that they are marketing this product as “Wearing Next to Nothing.”  Jack and Diane would agree with that claim 100%.  The overall experience was the best we have both had in a condom.  Let’s break it down…


  1. Throwing It On – 5 Points
    1. Very easy to put on.  Rolled out easily, not overly gooey from the lube.  Good immediate feeling.
    2. No strong rubber odor filling the room.
  2. During – 10 Total Points
    1. Both Jack and Diane loved the immediate insertion.  Diane even asked Jack to pull out and check to see if it was still on.
    2. The condom stayed in place the entire time and as we both got into it more, we both forgot it was on.  (Which I would assume is the highest compliment you can pay to the manufacturer.)
    3. No readjustment necessary.  No extra lube was necessary.  Diane was happy with the fact that it didn’t dry her out either.
  3. Finish – 5 Points
    1. The condom did not break, and the overall experience was awesome.  Taking it off did not hurt at all and did not leave a strong rubber smell in the room.  It did not leave a ring or red irritation around Jack’s penis either.


Lifestyles is pushing these product highlights:

  • New SKYN condoms provide a softer, more natural feel and have been clinically proven to enhance sensation.
  • Combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom for the skyn-to skyn sensation
  • Long lasting, ultra smooth lubricated enhances the experience!
  • Each condom electronically tested to meet U.S. & Safety & Reliability standards


Jack & Diane agree with all these claims because we loved the experience this condom provided.  So much so that the first thing we did was google it to find the cheapest place we could buy it. has it for $8.99 and we highly recommend trying this product out.




Condomologist Update: These condoms are made of polyisoprene, which is similar to polyurethane and is non-latex, so they may work well for those with latex allergies. Also, I fear I may have lost my condom testers, now that the first product they’ve reviewed received a top score. Here’s to hoping they’re willing to try out other condoms in the future — and switch mid-sex to a Skyn when necessary.

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Jack and Diane’s

Posted by Jack & Diane on March 9, 2009

Little ditty…’bout Jack and Diane.


Probably makes sense to introduce ourselves considering this is our first post. 


Few weeks back, Jonathan had a post requesting a volunteer to try out and report back performance of different condoms.  My girlfriend and I thought this would be a great excuse to have more sex, talk about it with each other and report our findings back to the world.  We are a couple of 20-something’s, who have been dating for over 4 years, and have recently started using condoms again because Diane hated the way the pill was affecting her body. 


Anyways, our goal here is to be 100% honest and open about the condoms we use, the experience we had, and provide some insight from the male AND female perspective.


In evaluating anything, there is always a scale in which to determine ‘success’ whether it be ERA, Votes, Weight, Score and so on.  We think it makes sense to do it in this case as well, so we have broken down the experience into the following categories:


  1. Throwing It On – Possible 5 Total Points
    1. Was it easy to put on?
    2. Did it roll out easily?
    3. Can you feel the lube?
    4. Initial thoughts?
  2. During – Possible 10 Total Points
    1. Male and Female thoughts.
    2. Is it still in place?
    3. Do you have to pull it down?
  3. Finish – Possible 5 Points
    1. Did it break?
    2. Overall experience.
    3. After you’re done.


Therefore, our condom evaluation scale is as follows:


       1 Point                           10 Points                         20 Points

Is this a trash bag?       Definitely wearing a condom,      Amazing — Isn’t

                                    but at least I’m getting laid.       Safe Sex great?


Coming up…banging with our first friend a.k.a. test subject the Lifestyle Skyn.



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First day of Condomology 101

Posted by Condomologist on February 4, 2009

The power of the blogosphere, alas, was too overwhelming. I tried to run and hide, but the tug of the interweb could not be avoided. So here begins the start of the Condomologist era. Together, readers and I will engage in lively discussion about the world of condoms.  As these tiny pieces of plastic and rubber (and animal skins) are the only means we have to prevent against both pregnancy and infection at the same time — or just infection for anal and oral sex — we must discuss, as a starting point in any safer sex dialogue, their merits and pitfalls and variations and uses. Of course plenty will not be directly addressed regarding the vast field of human sexuality — other forms of birth control, relationships, STDs (or STIs for the PC folk), communication between partners, masturbation, sex toys, whatever — but if done well, all those topics will appear alongside our discussion of condoms.


Sexual and reproductive health are what I do, but I would never claim to know it all. I hope to learn from readers and their feedback, and I’ll keep digging for answers as long as I’m a sexual being. Please let me know what you’re thinking, put me on to new sites to keep my eye on, and please please share your stories and experiences. The goal is for Condomologist to evolve into a mostly user-generated site where readers talk about their experiences with condoms — what works, what doesn’t, and why — so others can find a more comfortable path to safer sex. For now, though, I have to kick things off 2009-style with a blog.


George Michael tells us  that “sex is natural/sex is good/not everybody does it/but everybody should” and I second that. Do it, enjoy it, even do like Michael and do it with other men in public bathrooms. Let’s get over our puritanical mentality and usher in a more sex-positive generation. But in the process, let’s reduce unwanted pregnancies and preventable disease. Part of that seismic shift will be brought about by increased use of condoms. I hope to play a small role in that shift.

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