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Condom dude is back

Posted by Condomologist on February 17, 2010

My one dedicated reader has asked that I make a (less-than-triumphant) return to the blogosphere. And it was a few weeks ago I came across this ad — or “pub,” as it’s called in French, pronounced “pube” with a French accent — and thought, I think it’s about time I return the Condomologist to his proper place. So the blog is back, with slightly less commitment, but again open to the viewing pub-lic. Man I love me some French ingenuity. Enjoy!


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Go Kinsey, it’s your birthday!

Posted by Condomologist on June 19, 2009

The Kinsey Institute  at Indiana University has been awarded an NIH grant to study condom use, in particular why heterosexual men choose not to wear condoms or take them off mid-coitus due to lack of sensation. Much needed research, look forward to the results.

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Lifestyles Lubes it Up!

Posted by Condomologist on June 17, 2009

I can’t get enough of lube. It’s not talked about enough, not used enough, not explored enough, and damn it people, why do we keep telling people that you can use only water-based lube with condoms? Silicone lube is mighty good for many folks. AHHH!!! So how refreshing to stroll into a condom shop on South St. in Philly — I’ll miss Philadelphia a lot when I leave in 3 weeks — and find Lifestyles and their new X2 condom, lubed on the inside and outside. As usual, I’m no condom tester, but I do like my lube, and one point I’m always stuck on is making sure guys (and ladies) know they can lube up their penis before putting a condom on — or just put a few drops in the tip of the condom. (I’m a fan of lubing up the penis.) It makes sex feel better, it’s causing less friction, it feels better…oh, said that already. So I’m excited by this new development, hope you all are too.

lifestyles x2

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Kids are so resourceful

Posted by Condomologist on June 11, 2009

Soccer balls made out of condoms and rags in Mozambique. These are kids close to my heart.

condom soccer ball

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Condoms for Sex Toys

Posted by Condomologist on June 1, 2009

A friend reminded me today of how handy condoms can be for women when masturbating with a dildo or vibrator. They make for far less clean-up, and when shared amongst partners, they can reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted infections when new ones are used with each partner. She also wondered whether reuse of her vibrator, sans condom, could possibly contribute to recurring yeast infections in the event that one has a yeast infection, uses the sex toy, and then when using it again exacerbates the infection. Just something to consider when you’re getting your masturbation on.

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Trojan Her Pleasure and Lifestyles Ultra Lubricated

Posted by Condomologist on May 28, 2009

A reader writes:

The Trojan Her Pleasure condoms feel like the penis is covered in a dry rubber wet suit and is numbing for everybody involved. I think they up the risk of either party wanting to slip it off during the act- a danger zone that i think is gravely underestimated (that slippery sloap of people starting out with good condom intentions and then falling off that plastic covered wagon mid-coital is dangerous to not consider!). The gray [Ultra Sensitive] Lifestyles (they changed the packaging now too I just noticed in Rite Aid last week- they are less gray) really come through on the promise of not intruding too much on irreplaceable pleasure of skin on skin contact.

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Rethinking Flavored Condoms

Posted by Condomologist on May 23, 2009

After taste-testing about 10 different flavors of lube at the office the other day with a bunch of co-workers, then watching as a woman on our mobile testing unit got very excited about mint-flavored condoms today, and now reading about Ethiopia’s efforts to promote condom use by marketing coffee-flavored condoms, I’m not completely sold on spending money on this stuff that I’ve previously argued barely gets used (my argument being almost no one uses condoms for oral sex). BUT, I will say that anything that gets people excited and talking about condoms is a good thing. And if these Ethiopian jawns taste anything like my beloved Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream, I’m tracking them down and trying them myself.

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Now I’m an even bigger fan of lube

Posted by Condomologist on May 20, 2009

As a lube fanatic because of its pleasure and safety properties, I’m further excited by its potential upon finding out that it may be a cure for acne as well. Or so they say in Cambodia.

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Porn Remains Mostly Condom-Free

Posted by Condomologist on May 19, 2009

ABC News revisits the question of condom use in porn during this year’s Adult Entertainment Expo. The story makes clear that most studio porn video releases will remain condom-free to cater to an audience that shuns protected sex, but at least the industry has greatly stemmed the tide of HIV transmission with regular PCR/DNA HIV tests of its performers that can detect the virus far sooner than typical HIV antibody tests — generally in about 2 weeks after one contracts it. Two things that struck me were the general disregard — especially amongst entertainers — for other STDs that can be contracted not using condoms (chlamydia and gonorrhea, in particular) and the failure to mention that a good deal of porn being made today comes from outside the California industry — at least a lot of what I come across in my “studies.” The awareness is apparent, but the unwillingess to increase condom use in porn is just one example of the fact that we in the sexual health field must understand that increased condom availability is just one piece of the puzzle; a good many everyday citizens also know full well the risks they’re taking with unprotected sex and simply decide, for many different reasons, that rubbers just aren’t their thing. In porn, they’re just not very realistic, so better to focus on the best testing methods and other forms of risk reduction — such as withdrawal — when it comes to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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The Skyn’s Got Competition

Posted by Condomologist on May 13, 2009

My bad folks: I missed the launch of the new Durex Avanti Bare condom, a newer version of the old Avanti, the big difference being this one’s made out of polyisoprene, not polyurethane, which the marketing gurus claim is softer and thinner than everything else on the market. Can’t vouch for any reviews, but for those with latex allergies or for fans of the Lifestyle Skyn — also made of polyisoprene — it may be worth a shot. Note: warnings are attached not to use oil-based lubricants with this material, despite it being okay to use with polyurethane.  Enjoy all you poly fans.


avanti bare

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