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AIDS-Condom-Genital-Shield Craziness

Posted by Condomologist on June 24, 2009

It’s hard to take a guy seriously who seems to have very little grasp on some of the basics of sexually transmitted infections, but Doug Sturlingh (see pic below) claims to have 2 patents that will make anyone willing to buy them “trillions in earnings.” So says the inventor of the bizarrely named AIDS-Condom-Gential-Shield — why the hyphens I have no clue — which involves a 2-part combination condom and molded scrotum covering that connect to one another and provide protection against skin-to-skin based infections like Herpes, Syphilis and HPV. The invention, like the Sensis and TheyFit condoms, is not a bad idea, but it’s hard to get on board with products that seem more the brainchild of money-hungry entrepeneurs than sexual health gurus — though I guess that’s how most products come to fruition. Seems like a gimmick to me, but at least reading an at-times incoherent interview with Sturlingh   provided me with some amusement. Before he’s going to sell any patents, someone needs to explain to him the difference between HIV and AIDS and the fact that his invention is no more likely to prevent against HIV infection than the thousands of other condoms on the market.



One Response to “AIDS-Condom-Genital-Shield Craziness”

  1. Hey there,
    I had the pleasure to meet this “Inventor” (lol) and he spoke to me in detail about his invention and his visions. All I have to say is, that everything about him is totally shady and far away from being based on a medical knowledge. Although he practices in the Clearwater Area as a Healer (lol) he does not seem to have any intellectual knowledge or education in this field. I followed him in several businesses in different fields and he seem to be a guy who is able to easily convince people to give him money for services he just can’t provide. Once being discovered as a scam, he simply disappears and shows up in another part of the country. And his motivation for the AIDS-Condom-Gential-Shield is in my opinion far away from “saving the world”. Maybe he should really go to medial school and learn the difference between AIDS and HIV? Maybe he should just invest some money and come up with a trustworthy sample of his “Invention”. But one thing I am certain of: We will rather hear from educated real doctors or medical companies that come up with a device or a treatment against something like Herpes or AIDS, than from that guy who is one step away from being homeless and therefor is after everybody’s money just to survive. Good luck to you Doug…

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