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Lifestyles Lubes it Up!

Posted by Condomologist on June 17, 2009

I can’t get enough of lube. It’s not talked about enough, not used enough, not explored enough, and damn it people, why do we keep telling people that you can use only water-based lube with condoms? Silicone lube is mighty good for many folks. AHHH!!! So how refreshing to stroll into a condom shop on South St. in Philly — I’ll miss Philadelphia a lot when I leave in 3 weeks — and find Lifestyles and their new X2 condom, lubed on the inside and outside. As usual, I’m no condom tester, but I do like my lube, and one point I’m always stuck on is making sure guys (and ladies) know they can lube up their penis before putting a condom on — or just put a few drops in the tip of the condom. (I’m a fan of lubing up the penis.) It makes sex feel better, it’s causing less friction, it feels better…oh, said that already. So I’m excited by this new development, hope you all are too.

lifestyles x2


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