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Vietnam Condom Boutique Goes Upscale

Posted by Condomologist on May 18, 2009

 From a story out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

In Vietnam’s fast-growing commercial capital Ho Chi Minh City, most people buy cheap condoms from no-frills roadside kiosks, at the drug store or in supermarkets.

But two brothers have opened an upmarket condom boutique here, saying customers want more choice and more sophisticated options — even in a country known for being socially conservative, where sex education is taboo.

The shop, called Volcano, makes no attempt to hide what it’s selling. Condom boxes are stuck to the glass doors of the tiny store, the walls are painted pink and shelves are stacked with condoms from across Asia.

“To open this shop we spent more than 20 million dong,” but first-week sales reached around 1.5 million dong and revenue now exceeds 10 million dong per week, [shop owner Nguyen Hoang] Long says.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist when I found out that Vietnamese currency was called the Dong.


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