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Posted by Condomologist on May 14, 2009

No more COINED (Condom-induced Erectile Dysfunction) if the makers of a new stiffer erection-inducing condom have their way when the product makes its way to shelves sometime next year. Futura Medical’s new erection-boosting condom, to be manufactured by SSL, makers of Durex condoms, claims some bed-shaking technology: In the teat of the condom will be a pharmacological dose of a gel called Zanifil, resulting in  “increased local blood flow which in turn will lead to increased rigidity, tumescense (swelling) and duration of an erection.” (Can’t wait to hear the disclaimers and warnings for these commercials: Please calmly admit yourself to the Emergency Department when your boner remains stiff for more than 12 hours.) The launch of the condom has been delayed about a year due to a change in the location of the manufacturing plant (and thus new regulatory obstacles), but once on the market, the prospects for men (and women) whose sex lives and condom use have long been dictated by an inability to stay hard with a jimmy on…well, let’s just say they’ll have less of an excuse if this new condom — which will be under the Durex brand — is the real deal. And if successful, the company claims they’ll follow up with research into the possibility of using the gel on the outside of a condom to stimulate vaginal lubrication. As a colleague added, What about using the gel on its own for those of us who don’t use condoms? All questions I eagerly anticipate being answered in the not-too-distant future.


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