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The envy of other latex condoms

Posted by Condomologist on May 11, 2009

Though not yet on the market, in the works is a hypo-allergenic latex condom called Envy, made from a material called Vytex, to be produced by condom manufacturer Alatech, the company that recently lost its huge USAID contract to overseas contractors and was thought to be forced to lay off some 300 workers. To be clear, the claim is not that these condoms are completely free of the antigenic proteins that can cause allergic reactions in normal latex, but that they contain “virtually undetectable levels” of these proteins. If these come to the market, they’d still be competing with the non-latex brands out there — Lifestyle Skyn, Trojan Supra, Durex Avanti — so one of the biggest questions will be one of price, since the existing polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms cost a pretty penny. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open as things develop.


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