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Bizarro Condom Ads

Posted by Condomologist on May 9, 2009

From the folks at Web Urbanist comes some creative condom advertising, including some new ones I’d never seen before. The first one’s kinda trippy and clever, and most importantly the message is sex-positive and encourages sexual exploration. The second ad depicts Lil’ Wayne getting arrested, and as his pockets are emptied, the cop finds condoms — the message being at least he’s going down “strapped.” I found it wonderfully ironic, in that my initial reaction was (and still is), I’m surprised Wayne would want to promote condoms by implying that he likes it from behind from another dude. Maybe he can unintentionally do more to eradicate homophobia and promote safer sex among hip-hoppers than he ever desired or thought possible. So Wayne, I request that in addition to your endorsement of Strapped Condoms, you be the one to record the informational video on the site (instead of the white ladies who currently do the voice-overs), since the condoms are clearly targeting the black community. You’d make it much more enjoyable to listen to.

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