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We missed you Bristol and Levi

Posted by Condomologist on May 7, 2009

Sorry to my few loyal readers for leaving you hanging these past 5 days or so. I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful summit focused on advocating for change in foreign policy to promote healthier lives for women across the globe. Thanks to the folks at CHANGE and all the dedicated, passionate participants who made my stay in DC an energizing, exciting few days. Upon reflection, I really needed some rejuvenation away from the day-to-day work I enjoy so much, and this trip provided just that. And part of clearing my head was not blogging. If only I had assistants, like Andrew Sullivan does, to keep the thing going while I take time off…Oh, my bad, back to condoms.

When Levi Johnston — he of Bristol and Sarah Palin fame — made his way unexpectedly into our lives during the terrifying campaign of the Alaska governor last fall, I would’ve said with 100% certainty that I would never prop up his words on sexuality education as a model of insight and thoughtfulness. How wrong I was. It’s sad that Levi and Bristol are more concerned with petty spats than coming together for their son, but their respective craving of the spotlight has at least brought the question of abstinence education to a mainstream media too often lacking any substance. I know, it’s still People mag-type journalism (wow,  I sure do miss reading said trashy magazine at my parents’ house every week), but it’s news nonetheless. And let’s not forget that while Bristol now advocates for abstinence as the right and realistic way to prevent pregnancy, a few months ago she was telling Greta Van Susteren a different story.


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