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Condoms for BJs?

Posted by Condomologist on May 2, 2009

That’s a question constantly popping up in the sexual health world. To be clear, you can definitely contract STDs other than HIV — and none of us are excited to get Herpes or Syphilis or chlamydia of the throat — but because of its severity, getting to the bottom of the question of whether HIV can be transmitted to the performer/receptive partner of oral sex on a man with ejaculation…it’s kinda worth knowing. In the past, I’ve been rather flippant when it comes to using flavored condoms for blow jobs, because a) so few people do it because it doesn’t feel that good and b) no one can definitively point to a case where HIV’s been transmitted that way. So recently I came across a panel discussion between some people with fancy degrees from 6 years ago addressing just this question, and as I said to a colleague, Depending on your state of mind, reading it is either fascinating or maddening. Basically they can barely come to any reasonable conclusion. If you’ve got the time, and this stuff interests you, take a look. If you don’t have the time, I’ll just say that some experts think it definitely happens (though rarely) and others aren’t so sure. Either way, it’s very low risk. Or is it extremely low risk? Or relatively low risk? It’s amusing to picture these doctors arguing over semantics like that, but it’s exactly what they do.


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