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French First Lady takes on the Pope

Posted by Condomologist on May 28, 2009

From Women on the Web comes news that hottie French First Lady Carla Bruni blasts the Catholic Church’s stance on condoms. Bruni is quoted in the magazine Femme Actuelle:

I was born Catholic, I was baptised, but in my life I feel profoundly secular. I find that the controversy coming from the Pope’s message — albeit distorted by the media — is very damaging. I think the Church should evolve on this issue. It presents the condom as a contraceptive which, incidentally, it forbids, although it is the only existing protection.


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Trojan Her Pleasure and Lifestyles Ultra Lubricated

Posted by Condomologist on May 28, 2009

A reader writes:

The Trojan Her Pleasure condoms feel like the penis is covered in a dry rubber wet suit and is numbing for everybody involved. I think they up the risk of either party wanting to slip it off during the act- a danger zone that i think is gravely underestimated (that slippery sloap of people starting out with good condom intentions and then falling off that plastic covered wagon mid-coital is dangerous to not consider!). The gray [Ultra Sensitive] Lifestyles (they changed the packaging now too I just noticed in Rite Aid last week- they are less gray) really come through on the promise of not intruding too much on irreplaceable pleasure of skin on skin contact.

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Rethinking Flavored Condoms

Posted by Condomologist on May 23, 2009

After taste-testing about 10 different flavors of lube at the office the other day with a bunch of co-workers, then watching as a woman on our mobile testing unit got very excited about mint-flavored condoms today, and now reading about Ethiopia’s efforts to promote condom use by marketing coffee-flavored condoms, I’m not completely sold on spending money on this stuff that I’ve previously argued barely gets used (my argument being almost no one uses condoms for oral sex). BUT, I will say that anything that gets people excited and talking about condoms is a good thing. And if these Ethiopian jawns taste anything like my beloved Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream, I’m tracking them down and trying them myself.

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Condom Use Worldwide

Posted by Condomologist on May 21, 2009

The Guardian takes a look at WHO data reflecting the prevalence of condom use around the globe. China comes in atop the list around 90%, with the UK a good ways behind in second, and the US lagging even farther back at 72.8%, behind Vietnam, Iran and others. Check out the data here. It doesn’t take into account myriad factors — presence of other contraceptive methods, China’s one-child policy, condom availability…the list goes on — but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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Now I’m an even bigger fan of lube

Posted by Condomologist on May 20, 2009

As a lube fanatic because of its pleasure and safety properties, I’m further excited by its potential upon finding out that it may be a cure for acne as well. Or so they say in Cambodia.

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Porn Remains Mostly Condom-Free

Posted by Condomologist on May 19, 2009

ABC News revisits the question of condom use in porn during this year’s Adult Entertainment Expo. The story makes clear that most studio porn video releases will remain condom-free to cater to an audience that shuns protected sex, but at least the industry has greatly stemmed the tide of HIV transmission with regular PCR/DNA HIV tests of its performers that can detect the virus far sooner than typical HIV antibody tests — generally in about 2 weeks after one contracts it. Two things that struck me were the general disregard — especially amongst entertainers — for other STDs that can be contracted not using condoms (chlamydia and gonorrhea, in particular) and the failure to mention that a good deal of porn being made today comes from outside the California industry — at least a lot of what I come across in my “studies.” The awareness is apparent, but the unwillingess to increase condom use in porn is just one example of the fact that we in the sexual health field must understand that increased condom availability is just one piece of the puzzle; a good many everyday citizens also know full well the risks they’re taking with unprotected sex and simply decide, for many different reasons, that rubbers just aren’t their thing. In porn, they’re just not very realistic, so better to focus on the best testing methods and other forms of risk reduction — such as withdrawal — when it comes to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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Vietnam Condom Boutique Goes Upscale

Posted by Condomologist on May 18, 2009

 From a story out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

In Vietnam’s fast-growing commercial capital Ho Chi Minh City, most people buy cheap condoms from no-frills roadside kiosks, at the drug store or in supermarkets.

But two brothers have opened an upmarket condom boutique here, saying customers want more choice and more sophisticated options — even in a country known for being socially conservative, where sex education is taboo.

The shop, called Volcano, makes no attempt to hide what it’s selling. Condom boxes are stuck to the glass doors of the tiny store, the walls are painted pink and shelves are stacked with condoms from across Asia.

“To open this shop we spent more than 20 million dong,” but first-week sales reached around 1.5 million dong and revenue now exceeds 10 million dong per week, [shop owner Nguyen Hoang] Long says.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist when I found out that Vietnamese currency was called the Dong.

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Pope Backlash Continues

Posted by Condomologist on May 18, 2009

There’s no doubt the Pope riled up emotions with his anti-condom stance a couple months back. But nothing I’ve seen or heard so far has the potential to stir up the masses quite like Belgian artist Ben Heine and this portrayal originally posted on (and then removed from) the Deviant Art website, as reported by Free Thinker, a British site giving voice to Athiest thought. Judge for yourself.



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Posted by Condomologist on May 14, 2009

No more COINED (Condom-induced Erectile Dysfunction) if the makers of a new stiffer erection-inducing condom have their way when the product makes its way to shelves sometime next year. Futura Medical’s new erection-boosting condom, to be manufactured by SSL, makers of Durex condoms, claims some bed-shaking technology: In the teat of the condom will be a pharmacological dose of a gel called Zanifil, resulting in  “increased local blood flow which in turn will lead to increased rigidity, tumescense (swelling) and duration of an erection.” (Can’t wait to hear the disclaimers and warnings for these commercials: Please calmly admit yourself to the Emergency Department when your boner remains stiff for more than 12 hours.) The launch of the condom has been delayed about a year due to a change in the location of the manufacturing plant (and thus new regulatory obstacles), but once on the market, the prospects for men (and women) whose sex lives and condom use have long been dictated by an inability to stay hard with a jimmy on…well, let’s just say they’ll have less of an excuse if this new condom — which will be under the Durex brand — is the real deal. And if successful, the company claims they’ll follow up with research into the possibility of using the gel on the outside of a condom to stimulate vaginal lubrication. As a colleague added, What about using the gel on its own for those of us who don’t use condoms? All questions I eagerly anticipate being answered in the not-too-distant future.

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The Skyn’s Got Competition

Posted by Condomologist on May 13, 2009

My bad folks: I missed the launch of the new Durex Avanti Bare condom, a newer version of the old Avanti, the big difference being this one’s made out of polyisoprene, not polyurethane, which the marketing gurus claim is softer and thinner than everything else on the market. Can’t vouch for any reviews, but for those with latex allergies or for fans of the Lifestyle Skyn — also made of polyisoprene — it may be worth a shot. Note: warnings are attached not to use oil-based lubricants with this material, despite it being okay to use with polyurethane.  Enjoy all you poly fans.


avanti bare

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