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Posted by Condomologist on April 23, 2009

Interesting Q&A over at Time Out New York’s dating advice column. An over-50 recent divorcee writes in because she says all the older men ready to get in her pants refuse to wear condoms because they can’t keep it up with them on. They’re suffering from COINED, as I wrote about a few weeks back, or condom-induced erectile dysfunction, something young bucks aren’t at all immune from either. But it struck me that older men who otherwise can stay hard really may suffer more from this problem, as there’s a good chance they’ve spent a good chunk of their adult lives having condomless sex with their previous long-term partners. But now they’re divorced and back on the market — or cheating or whatever — and not having seen a condom in 20 years, they’re penis goes droopy with a hat on it. With a divorce rates around 50% and the over-50 crowd not worrying about pregnancy and with STD/HIV rates going up amongst the gray-haired lot, I imagine there are a good many women in similar situations, wanting to get down with a new man, wanting new man to use a condom, but new man unable to perform under the circumstances or simply unwilling to entertain the possibility. The response is spot-on: If she’s gonna stick to her guns, make sure the guys get tested before things get hot and heavy and then proceed without a condom. But what fun is putting off a one-night stand when you’re over-50 and single and eager? So old men dating old women, it’s time to start masturbating with condoms on or doing whatever it takes to allow you to keep an erection while protected. Or else you’ll be seeing me down at the testing center soon enough.


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  1. […] by condom brand Pasante . We need to start sex ed programming for old single men, what with their inability to maintain an erection and their not knowing about condoms that may make safer sex more enjoyable for […]

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