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Condoms so don’t belong in this guy’s hands

Posted by Condomologist on April 23, 2009

Turns out when Devon Hunter, adult entertainer from DC, makes the effort to promote safer sex on the streets, he gets rejected. The reason given: “Condoms are so 1985” and “Condoms are so 1980s.” Or dude likes to make up stories to fill his blog. I call bullshit. No one’s ever said that in all my years handing out condoms; you can’t convince me 3 people said it in one day. Not sure why I’m picking a fight here, other than that it bothers me when folks seem less than honest in their sexual health endeavors.


5 Responses to “Condoms so don’t belong in this guy’s hands”

  1. Actually, one of the two dancers is named JR. He works at Secrets. The next time you presume to accuse me of lying, I suggest you bring it directly to me, sir.

  2. Also a few clarifications on some erroneous presumptions on your part: I am not from D.C. I live in Charlotte, NC, and the only people I knew to ask on behalf of Dr. Gerace were people at Secrets, the club where I was dancing for the weekend. I was not “on the street,” nor was I “passing out condoms.” I was in a club, not necessarily an environment where people want to be approached about anything as serious as safe sex.

    I asked three dancers and a patron, for reasons connected to the project Dr. Gerace has in mind. I do not live in D.C., therefore I know the name of only two of the three dancers (the two who rejected me were in the same room and echoed each other’s precise “1985” comment), and I do not know the patron in question at all (the person who made a reference to the 80’s, but not 1985). The fourth person, the third dancer, is named Brad, and he said yes to me, that he would be involved.

    I would appreciate it very much if you would speak about your perspectives from your experience and not try to push your experiences onto my perspective. Thank you.

    • Jonathan said


      Again, I’m sorry. I confused your post after reading another post from the Washington City Paper in which it said you’d hit the streets. It makes far more sense that people you knew well would’ve said this in response to your asking them to participate in a condom campaign. It was late at night and I misread and misinterpreted your piece and then made a poor decision to post it on my blog. I’ll be more careful in the future. I’m sorry the correction was not up until now, but I was away from a computer all day today.

  3. Not a problem. If I’m in PA and can help you in your campaigns in any way, please let me know.

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