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Condom Ads by Country

Posted by Condomologist on April 22, 2009

Bruce Watson over at Daily Finance takes a look at condom ads from around the world and explores what they reveal about the national psyches of a few different countries. This in the wake of some uproar in China over the one advert I left out in a recent post about a German company’s selling condoms by striking fear in our hearts of spawning a dictator. (See the Mao sperm below.) He notes that America has come along nicely in the last decade or so in our ability to more directly confront human sexuality in the media — but, of course, we have a ways to go before we’re on par with my beloved France. He’s unearthed a few videos I’d yet to view, including this British gem. Not sure about a few of his conclusions, among them that this ad (which I posted long ago) “seems to have a tangential connection to the UK’s proud colonial past”; nonetheless, it’s a useful addition to the condomsphere.




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