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Smaller penises need condom love, too

Posted by Condomologist on April 20, 2009

A survey of over 1,200 Indian men found that a majority of respondents have penises too short for standard sized condoms, prompting calls for more smaller or custom condoms to be made available there. This is noteworthy because it doesn’t reflect a comparison of Indian penises to European penises to African American penises; it simply says there’s a demand not being met for condoms that fit on Indian penises. (I feel like I should go out in public tomorrow and play the Penis Game, where a group of people competes to find out who can say/yell “penis” the loudest in a crowd of people.)

Which brings me back to my question from awhile ago about micro penises, and what the safer sex options are for a penis that is, say, smaller than 3 inches erect. The only answer I can think of being a custom condom made specifically for that penis, as is marketed by TheyFit condoms, which appear to go as small as 3 inches. (I’ve read little to no reliable information on these, and I’m skeptical if they really exist, especially since their website doesn’t have any material on it.) The best hope would seem to be the spray-on latex condoms that I’ve discussed before, but they haven’t figured out how to get them to dry quickly enough for a guy to maintain an erection, so that’s out of the question.

While we’re waiting for the micropenis condom solution, we can rest easy knowing there’s a supermicro .6-inch condom being used to promote safer sex in the ever-inventive UK.


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