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Stories from the Field

Posted by Condomologist on April 16, 2009

Contest winners are in. I asked the ladies for the good, the bad, and the ugly from their condom history. One story sheds some light on a key step in the condom-using process and why it’s necessary to pull out the penis soon after ejaculation. The other tale is more humorous than anythng. Enjoy and take heed.

#1 — The most impressed I’ve ever been with a man in bed: the one-night-stand who put on the condom with one hand in two seconds flat.  Even though he was kind of terrible in bed, I totally wanted to do it with him again just to see that trick one more time.

#2 — One time my boyfriend and I were having sex with a condom, and everything was working out great.  Two orgasms later, he pulled out, but the condom stayed inside me.  Big bummer!  The next morning I went to the student health center and took emergency contraception just in case any semen had leaked inside of me.  We didn’t know you had to be so careful about holding the base of the condom upon exit.


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