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My oldest and favourite joke

Posted by Condomologist on April 15, 2009

It occurred to me tonight that the first sign I would enter the professional sexual health world probably came around age 8, when after reading front-to-back my older brother’s Dirty Joke Book, one of 3 jokes I fell in love with went like this:

Why’d the condom cross the road? It got pissed off.

Of the other two, one’s punchline was “mountain dew” — the joke itself is not really relevant to or appropriate for the blog — and the other one had to do with pulling hairs from a guy’s butt to see if he’d stay asleep in order for his wife to cheat on him. I know, bizarre.

Update: I screwed up the joke. It should be, Why’d the condom fly across the room? It got pissed off….Silly me.


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