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Jesus vs Pope Benedict

Posted by Condomologist on April 10, 2009

This one’s been making the rounds of the interweb, so figured I should stay up with the times. Creators of such videos have every right to mock the Pope, and everyone else has a right to laugh at it, if they find it clever or funny. But I continue to take issue with otherwise positive forces in the community with strong, respected voices online, promoting this divisive crap as “awesome.” No, actually some people take their religion very seriously, and dissing religious figures like this does not help bring otherwise common-sense folks into the fold. Public health advocates have a responsibility to call out the Pope for his anti-condom remarks, but they should stay above the low-brow fray. (Hat tip to Tommy on this one.)



2 Responses to “Jesus vs Pope Benedict”

  1. Yes, one has a political right to mock the Pope. Having this political right does not imply a moral right. You do not have the moral right to mock this clearly holy man whose powerful intellect and impeccable scholarship is unquestionable.

    I have the right to take extreme offence at your mocking of the Pope. Your humour is misguided and irrelevant. It offends all thinking, faithful, Catholic Christians.

    • Jonathan said

      I assume you’re either not speaking to me directly or you didn’t read what I wrote very clearly. I don’t think it serves any purpose, political or moral or otherwise, to mock the Pope in this way. That was my point. But to understand why I posted about it, you have to understand my website in its entirety. Thank you for your feedback.

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