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Party now, marry and make babies later

Posted by Condomologist on April 2, 2009

There’s a well-known joke and assumption — with a good bit of truth in it — that for those young Jews (like myself) who go on the free 10-day Birthright to Israel, the trip organizers have as part of their agenda the goal of getting participants drunk…and letting nature take its course. Jacob Berkman, aka The Fundermentalist, takes that joke to a new level after finding that the Birthright folks were affixing their logo to flasks. If my trip is any indication, and anecdotal evidence from other trips tells me it is, then a Birthright condom would certainly be a wise addition to the trip. After all, if they want us to marry other Jews and they’re encouraging us to get wasted and we’re going to have sex anyway (for the record, I did not, as I remain happily committed to a Shiksa back home), might as well be safe about it — unless they want us getting knocked up on the trip. I was the condom and lube guy on my trip, which at first others thought was a joke, until they needed them and realized I was serious about my offer to hand them out at all hours. As Berkman points out, this idea may not be too far off. (Note: this is not real, but a doctored photo.)



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