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Keeping it up

Posted by Condomologist on April 2, 2009

Chris Bidiman at the University of Idaho discusses the very real, oft-forgotten problem whereby men lose their erection before, during, or soon after putting on a condom — or COINED, as he terms it: condom-induced erectile dysfunction. (Anyone else heard this term used? This dude might be the King of Acronyms.)  He argues that jerking off with a condom on or having a partner jerk you off with a condom can work to train the brain to maintain a hard-on when penetrative sexy time comes around. He also echoes my constant reminder that good protected sex may just be a brand or style change away. Thank you, Chris, for spreading the good word to Idaho. You’ll have a tough time finding a guy eager to masturbate with a rubber on, but if all else has failed, it’s well worth a shot.


UPDATE: COINED is not a new term, and it’s clearly an issue when it comes to deliberate decisions to have unprotected anal intercourse with casual partners.


One Response to “Keeping it up”

  1. […] her pants refuse to wear condoms because they can’t keep it up with them on. They’re suffering from COINED, as I wrote about a few weeks back, or condom-induced erectile dysfunction, something young bucks […]

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