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“Sex sells everything — except safe sex itself”

Posted by Condomologist on March 31, 2009

Joan Smith makes the case in The Independent in favour of condom advertisements on television, per the British government’s advertising regulatory agency’s recommendation, noting the backwards rationale for what is and isn’t allowed on the telly: “This is an important public health issue, and it’s absurd in a culture where sex is used to sell just about everything that accurate advice on contraception and abortion is treated so gingerly. Visitors from another planet would scratch their heads on discovering that lap-dancing clubs and sex shops are allowed to operate on high streets, but products and agencies that aim to protect people from the unwanted effects of sex are subject to these regulations.”


One Response to ““Sex sells everything — except safe sex itself””

  1. Rachel said

    Agreed. In Spain, at the Madrid airport, they sold souvenir I ❤ SPAIN and I ❤ MADRID metallic condoms next to the cash register at all the News/Magazine shops. That would never go down in the U.S. Though extremely over-priced, I even bought some to bring back for friends — because how much cooler is a souvenir condom than a key chain, or even a shot glass?

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