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Jack and Diane Review – Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated

Posted by Jack & Diane on March 31, 2009

Little ditty…’bout Jack and Diane…and Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated.


As a quick review we have had the Dustin Pedroia of condoms…the ‘Lifestyle Skyn’ and the Mendoza line of condom’s in the ‘Skin Less Skin Crown Condom.’  For all of you who have no idea what I’m talking about… (The Mendoza Line is an informal term used in baseball when a position player’s batting average falls below the boundary between extremely poor and merely below-average offensive production.)  Our next stop is the ‘Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated.’  Let’s break it down…


  1. Throwing It On – 4 Points
    1. This condom is considered ‘ultra’ lubricated.  Come to think of it I don’t know the difference between lightly and ultra.  Anyways, this condom rolled on as we all expect condoms too, as opposed to being pulled on.  No pain and it didn’t ruin the moment.  Flat out from the male perspective this is all that matters. 
    2. Also, no strong order from the rubber or lube.  So we are two for two.
  2. During – 7 Total Points
    1. There was nothing but a pleasurable experience from both Jack & Diane as we both got into it and starting mixing up positions.
    2. The condom started going downhill as it started to slide off and bunch up near the tip.  You all know what I’m talking about as the condom starts to look like a tube sock you just took off after gym class.  So there was a need to readjust and pull it down.
  3. Finish – 4 Points
    1. The condom did not break, and the overall experience was above average.  The collection of the condom near the tip of the penis did cause some concern, but the condom did operate well. 


From the female perspective, Diane did not complain at all about the condom, so that can be considered a success as well.  This condom provided a pleasurable experience and the only thing we had to worry about was it bunching up towards the top.  Our advice to you all… worth the effort and the money.



Jack and Diane’s Running Scoreboard


      1 Point                             10 points                              20 points

Is this a trash bag?    Definitely wearing a condom,      Amazing – Isn’t

                                  but at least I’m getting laid         Safe Sex Great!


Lifestyle Skyn — 20 points

Crown Skin Less Skin — 10 points

Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated — 15 points

One Response to “Jack and Diane Review – Lifestyle Ultra Lubricated”

  1. Not such a hot score. There are however many other great Lifestyles products like the “dual pleasure” condom and the “ultra thin” condom. Keep up the hard work…. ummm, I mean keep up the highly technical scientific testing.

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