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Turning on the turn-offs

Posted by Condomologist on March 27, 2009

Women’s Health takes time out from helping newlyweds to cheat-proof their marriage, work their abs into a six-pack, and have the most mind-blowing sex of all time — and they took a gander at the condom turn-off study I recently discussed. Alongside a very brief overview of some of the findings, they provide some tips to overcome those turn-offs, and I must say, I appreciate their advice (albeit by way of the Kinsey Institute) and its brevity. Sometimes we get too wordy and detailed in spouting off our sexpertise and it can get lost on the reader/listener, and while I could nit-pick all day long, they hit on some of my favorite not-so-well-known tidbits: silicone lube, condoms with a roomier head, and of course, experimenting with different condoms to find what’s best.


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