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Priceless Protection

Posted by Condomologist on March 26, 2009

We in sexual health often neglect the fact that one of the best possible ways to reduce risk  and rates of HIV (and other STD) transmission is to speak out against homophobia and reduce the shame and stigma attached to being gay, so men who have sex with men can one day grow up to feel normal in their own skin. Allow them to live their lives openly, proudly, out to the whole world, and I assure you they’ll be more likely to negotiate use of condoms and reduce their high-risk behaviour. It’s that important, people. So fuck it, today I’m going to be preachy.

Stop saying, It’s so gay. Start calling people out for mocking  fags and dykes and disowning their own family members or pretending that your gay cousin still might find the woman of his dreams. Let it be known you support gay marriage. Tell your religiously hate-fueled friends that condemning homosexuality isn’t at all what Jesus would do. And start treating LGBTQ folk as the human beings that they are. It’s not that difficult, and it will make you feel a whole lot better. More importantly, it will save and improve a great many lives.

I’m just saying…


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