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Enjoy the other side

Posted by Condomologist on March 25, 2009

The Durex folks getting all types of clever on this one from Stumbleupon via a boyfriend of a friend. Yes people, anal sex with both men and women can be a whole lot of fun, but forget the lube and, well, not so much. Your ass doesn’t naturally lubricate, and my years of hearing stories tells me that one of the biggest reasons women try anal once and never go back is that that first experience was traumatic and painful, often because they didn’t get the lube memo. And some people find using a lubed condom makes anal sex easier, less messy (no Santorum), and of course safer. So get to it, people. Note to straight guys: taking a butt plug or strap-on in the bum might feel really good, and it doesn’t make you gay. 





One Response to “Enjoy the other side”

  1. […] Below is the complimentary video – hinting that you need lube for anal sex – to the print ad campaign from Durex I posted a few days ago. Sometimes we just like our partner’s bum. Turning […]

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