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Little ditty…’bout Jack and Diane

Posted by Jack & Diane on March 24, 2009

Little ditty…’bout Jack and Diane…and Skin Less Skin Crown Condom.


It is a tad disheartening that we tried out what we believe is the best condom first.  However, it is our commitment to you the readers and the Condomologist to brave on and continue having sex.  Tough I know, but we are committed to you all.  Our next stop is the ‘Skin Less Skin Crown Condom.’  Let’s break it down…


  1. Throwing It On – 2 Points
    1. This condom is lightly lubricated and it was still difficult to roll out.  I find that some condoms you basically have to pull them down as opposed to rolling them down.  This would be an example of pulling.  It wasn’t terrible, but it certainly affected the moment.
    2. The smell wasn’t bad either as you couldn’t smell the rubber.
  2. During – 6 Total Points
    1. The immediate reaction from Diane was, “ough!” which is not a good first impression to deal with from both the male and female perspective.  Once everyone got accustomed to the situation and put some more lube on…the experience was pleasurable. 
    2. The condom did stay in place the entire time and was still in place after finish.
    3. We did have to readjust by pulling it down and Diane was not happy with the fact that it slowly dried her out.
  3. Finish – 2 Points
    1. The condom did not break, and the overall experience was average to below average.  Taking it off caused some pain and left a red ring around the area the condom covered suggesting some irritation, but nothing causing pain or discomfort.

In this case the overall point score reflects exactly Jack & Diane’s sentiment about the experience: average.  This is the condom you break out if you meet someone out, hit it off and need to see them naked as soon as you get home.  However, if you are in a steady sexual relationship don’t waste your time or money.




Jack and Diane’s Running Scoreboard


      1 Point                              10 points                           20 points

Is this a trash bag?       Definitely wearing a condom,          Amazing – Isn’t 

                                     but at least I’m getting laid.          Safe Sex Great?


Lifestyle Skyn — 20 points

Crown Skin Less Skin — 10 points



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