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I love France, but…

Posted by Condomologist on March 24, 2009

I’ve developed a real aversion to some of the tactics used by AIDS activist groups both home and abroad. While I have great respect for members of ACT-UP Philadelphia and a deep love of the French culture, the folks at ACT-UP Paris garnered international attention with their protest to the Pope’s recent comments discouraging condom use as a means to prevent HIV infection. I’m all for standing outside Notre Dame, staging a “die-in” and laying motionless on the courtyard there, and handing out condoms to worshippers leaving mass. But to label the Pope an “assassin” takes the fight way too far and does not provide the meaningful dialogue necessary in critical times like these. Civil disobedience hold tremendous potential for awakening the masses to serious misdeeds, but name-calling is just juvenile.




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