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Contest Winners: Hot sex with condoms is possible

Posted by Condomologist on March 18, 2009

I asked a few days ago for readers to submit responses to my query about making sex with a condom hotter, sexier, enjoyable while still safe. Winners receive hot new condom carrying tins from Ready Two Go. The following are some responses from the winners:

From winner #1:

1) Use a better name than condom.  Baby batter balloon, rubber mitten, banana peel…

2) Try using flavored condoms in case you finish first and still have a job to finish.

3)  Use textured condoms.  Ribbed condoms are okay but a studded condom may be a bit more exciting for your partner.

4) Try using different types of condoms.  You can get non-lubricated condoms, then you are free to use any kind of lube that you want.

Winner #2 says:

You can only really put it on correctly if you are fully erect, so using a condom encourages sufficient foreplay.

If you use a colored one, it makes your penis look like some sort of superhero appendage.

If you let the lady put it on it can feel rather sexy and ceremonious.

It is cool to leave evidence that you had sex in the bathroom.

If you pull it off only at the end once you’ve pulled out, you can still achieve that pornstar status (if she’s down, of course) while still being safe.

And winner #3 tells us:

My orgasms are much better when I wear a condom. But this is due to my circumstances. And, while the mental and the physcial are certainly intertwined, this has more to do with the mental than the physical (I think). When it comes to having an orgasm, I have two “mutually agreed upon” options. These options are based on whether or not I am wearing a condom: (1)if I am not wearing a condom, I have to climax outside of the vagina; (2) but if I am wearing a condom, I have the option of climaxing while pumping away. For me, my orgasm is better when I climax while pumping away (although there is something to be said for shooting your load over her body). So, for me, condoms make sex better, hotter because I know that I will have the best orgasm available to me. I sent a friend a text a few minutes ago and he said that condoms suck (no surprise), but that they also make sex less stressful.  Because stress has a tendency to screw sex up, and stress-free (or close to it) sex is better than stressful sex,  wearing a condom makes sex better, hotter.


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