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Dr. Manhattan and other Collectible Condoms

Posted by Condomologist on March 13, 2009

Let’s just say that far and away the most traffic directed to this site over the past week has been to visit the post I spent the least amount of time and energy on since the blog’s inception: Dr. Manhattan condoms. All I’ve heard so far about the Watchmen movie is that it’s long, it’s good, and Dr. Manhattan’s electric blue penis gets a whole lot of screen time. I’m guessing fans of the movie (or Dr. Manhattan and his penis) are in search of these collector condoms, but alas I can’t be of much help on that front. But in their honor, I’ve got a range of collector and novelty condoms for the condomaniacs. And if you get your hands on them I’m gonna say, Don’t use them (unless you’re sure they’re FDA-approved), but rather do what collectors of other strange objects do and put them on your mantle or let them collect dust in a shoebox.


camo-condoms2          create-your-own-condom2         japanese-condoms3

marc-jacobs-condons1 mccain-condoms1


obama-condom1 small-condoms1



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