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Limbaugh’s Safe Talk

Posted by Condomologist on March 9, 2009

This from a piece the LA Times did in 1989 that’s being revisited on Larry Harnisch’s blog The Daily Mirror. I’m not sure much as changed with Rush’s schtick since then, so at least we can say he’s consistent.


A pretty blonde in a turquoise dress, who had written to Limbaugh saying she was dying to meet him, pranced up on stage and handed the portly talk-show host a prophylactic.

Then, Limbaugh launched into a routine familiar to his radio fans. He wrapped the condom around the microphone, announcing: “This, my friends, is safe talk.” The audience cheered. “You are protected from any evil because of this.

“The idea of these things is not to prevent AIDS,” he said of the condom. “The idea of these things is to sell ’em. . . ..”


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