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Jack and Diane’s

Posted by Jack & Diane on March 9, 2009

Little ditty…’bout Jack and Diane.


Probably makes sense to introduce ourselves considering this is our first post. 


Few weeks back, Jonathan had a post requesting a volunteer to try out and report back performance of different condoms.  My girlfriend and I thought this would be a great excuse to have more sex, talk about it with each other and report our findings back to the world.  We are a couple of 20-something’s, who have been dating for over 4 years, and have recently started using condoms again because Diane hated the way the pill was affecting her body. 


Anyways, our goal here is to be 100% honest and open about the condoms we use, the experience we had, and provide some insight from the male AND female perspective.


In evaluating anything, there is always a scale in which to determine ‘success’ whether it be ERA, Votes, Weight, Score and so on.  We think it makes sense to do it in this case as well, so we have broken down the experience into the following categories:


  1. Throwing It On – Possible 5 Total Points
    1. Was it easy to put on?
    2. Did it roll out easily?
    3. Can you feel the lube?
    4. Initial thoughts?
  2. During – Possible 10 Total Points
    1. Male and Female thoughts.
    2. Is it still in place?
    3. Do you have to pull it down?
  3. Finish – Possible 5 Points
    1. Did it break?
    2. Overall experience.
    3. After you’re done.


Therefore, our condom evaluation scale is as follows:


       1 Point                           10 Points                         20 Points

Is this a trash bag?       Definitely wearing a condom,      Amazing — Isn’t

                                    but at least I’m getting laid.       Safe Sex great?


Coming up…banging with our first friend a.k.a. test subject the Lifestyle Skyn.



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