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Posted by Condomologist on March 6, 2009

I’ve discussed some of the hip, new condom-carrying accessories on the market for when you’re on-the-go, brought to you by Just in Case and Ready Two Go (who sent me a sweet media kit, about which I’ll be posting next week). But if you’re planning on the sex going down at your place, then consider a bedside condom dispenser, brought to you by C-Box. I’m not sure I agree with them that it’s discreet, and as bbgadgets notes, some of the designs are a bit creepy. But the more I think about it and reflect on the annoying mood-disrupting search for condoms in the heat of the moment, the more I think the idea ain’t half-bad. It also reminds me of an invention (if it doesn’t exist already) that my brother and I have discussed — don’t you dare steal it! — of a classy, discreet lube dispenser on the wall next to the bed. It would have to appear to be some funky piece of art, but it would work like a commercial bathroom soap dispenser, and it would reduce mess, prevent disruption, and allow you to continue humping away while grabbing that extra squirt of lube. The hard part would be convincing lube companies to sell their product in the requisite plastic bag to be inserted in the dispenser.  But as far as brilliant inventions go, it’s all I got, so I’m sticking to it.


Update: If the C-Box isn’t your style, check out this one or this one. Apparently these things are more common than I thought.


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