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Green Sex

Posted by Condomologist on March 2, 2009

From the folks over at, a new condom on the market in Europe for those environmentally conscious sex cats. They’re called French Letter condoms, which got me excited that this was a French development, me being the crazy Francophile that I am. Alas, this is just an olde English term for a condom. Nonetheless, while their website says nothing about the green qualities of them — quotes another online source,, who loosely quotes one of French Letter’s owners as saying the condoms are made on organic rubber plantations (whatever organic means in this sense) — they do claim to support fair trade and wage practices for those producing the condoms in South Asia. So if these condoms, which are packaged very tactfully, are pleasureable as well, you can take extra pleasure in knowing you’re supporting a good cause while having sex. It doesn’t  appear they’re available in the States, but I have an inquiry to find out.




Update: The folks at French Letter got back to me and confirmed they are not available in the States, but that they’re looking for an American distributor at the moment.


One Response to “Green Sex”

  1. Dare said

    I’ve always loved this euphemism for condoms! I would totlly love to see a condom garment made of these in one of those fashion shows.

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