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New Uses for Condoms

Posted by Condomologist on February 27, 2009

Because we all know the biggest problem with the wind on rainy days is not that it inverts your umbrella, but rather that your umbrella cover blows away. Use a Trust condom to not only keep your umbrella dry, but also as one of the most unorthodox pick-up moves ever. Is this condom really as long as it appears in the video? If so, this should be sized not XL or Magnum but T-Rex. On a side note, how hot is this couple?  And how awesome is the excitement of the old dude in the car? This video from Nigeria.



3 Responses to “New Uses for Condoms”

  1. Apparently they actually use condoms to cover umbrellas in Japan.

  2. #1162 umbrella condom machine

    It’s not literally a condom, which is sad. I can’t find proof of that sort of thing except from a friend who has lived in Japan and witnessed the act of covering umbrellas with proper condoms.

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