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High Schoolers and Condoms and Abortion and Picking Fights

Posted by Condomologist on February 26, 2009

I’ve gotten a bit caught up in the whole make-your-voice-heard-on-the-web thing and engaged in some lively debates with other bloggers and writers out there. One of them was about abortion and contraceptives and such and William Saletan’s op-ed in the New York Times, and I felt it was a healthy debate with Jodi Jacobson over at RhRealityCheck.


The other was with a young woman who writes for The Rebel Yell at UNLV, and I was an asshole, so I’m publicly apologizing. I think I was pulling a Glenn Sacks and slightly irrationally fighting back against what I felt were unnecessary attacks on men. That debate was over why a hormonal male contraceptive has not come to the market, and she made a reasonable argument (and one shared by a female friend of mine in Philly) that part of it was that we make it a woman’s responsibility to take the pill or patch or ring or whatever, and that men aren’t eager to take a pill (or injection or implant) of their own because of the side effects. And that if there was more demand from men, it would be on the market by now. She may very well be right. I contend that men would jump on such a contraceptive, and that it would bring in big money for big pharmaceuticals, but as long as nothing’s on the market we’ll never know. In the meantime, there is a website devoted to promoting research into male contraceptives, and they maintain — as I do — that men are ready for such a pill or shot or whatever to exist. In any case, I picked a fight over her contention that condom rates are decreasing, and while we’re both sort of right — condom use has greatly increased since the early 90s amongst high schoolers, while it’s decreased slightly the last few years — my apologies to Leslie Ventura. Sometimes you gotta step back from hearing yourself ramble on the internet, do some research, and take a chill pill. These were the data we were arguing over, from the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report in June 2008:

The percentage of sexually active students who used a condom at last sexual intercourse increased during 1991–2003 (46.2%–63.0%) and then did not change significantly during 2003–2007 (63.0%–61.5%)


One Response to “High Schoolers and Condoms and Abortion and Picking Fights”

  1. Dare said

    You were so right on about the RhRealityCheck debate. I often wonder if these differences in opinion are somewhat based in differences in age and geography. Maybe because in Philadelphia working among the current generation of inner city young people we see less access issues than those far-left ideologues do where ever they’re observing from (midwest?, rural/suburban?)- there’s a different perspective? That’s my optimistic view. (As opposed to my less-tempered mouthiness after most of a bottle of wine.)

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