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Condoms for Dummies

Posted by Condomologist on February 25, 2009

Until now, I’ve made a point not to discuss condom brands and styles in-depth, because my hope is that readers will eventually do that for me. But as with the Genital Shield, when a condom comes along that adds some unique new feature to the condomsphere, I think it important to highlight it. Sensis condoms are now on the market, and their claim to fame is a set of “quick strips” that come attached on either side of the condom, allowing the user to roll it down the shaft more easily by simply pulling on the strips. This feature exists by preying on your fears that you may not be able to figure out which way the condom goes on — and so goes the public health advice: if you accidentally put a condom on upside-down, throw it out because sperm might then be on the outside of the condom — and I guess if that’s something you struggle with, maybe this condom is for you.


But the great irony of this gimmicky condom is found in a video posted on their site by their “expert,” Dr. Laura Berman. Watch closely as she fumbles with the condom towards the end of the video, and it becomes clear that there’s nothing about the quick strips that would prevent you from initially putting it on upside-down. Then you’d realize your mistake, flip it over — or throw it out, if you’re worried about the miniscule chance that sperm is now on the outside — and then be able to use your quick strips to roll it down the shaft of the penis. I’m all for infomercial appeal (boy, do I love my Perfect Push-up), but the only thing Sensis condoms seem to make sense for are incredibly lazy stoners or really drunk college students. I’m not saying it’s always easy to roll down a condom — especially if you have a larger glans (head of the penis) — so I’m curious to see if this brand succeeds. My only concern is how one manages to pinch the tip to remove any air bubbles from the condom when using both hands on each strip. My sample is in the mail, so maybe I’ll have more answers in a few weeks.


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