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Flavoured condoms and yeast infections

Posted by Condomologist on February 23, 2009

After my little rant about flavoured condoms and the fact very few people use them, I feel like I should address an important question about them. The safer sex world almost always promotes the use of them for oral or anal sex, but not for vaginal sex because of the possibility that sugar or glycerin in the flavouring can lead to yeast infections for women. And if flavoured condoms exist and are seldom used for oral sex, then readers should know whether they’re safe to use for vaginal intercourse, in case it’s the only thing lying around. The answer is I’ve yet to find any evidence whatsoever of flavoured condoms containing any ingredients that may upset the natural chemistry of a vagina. I will keep looking, but in the meantime, I’ll just keep reiterating the risk reduction mantra: Even if a condom did lead to yeast infections, one would most likely prefer that to an STD or an unwanted pregnancy. That said, women get yeast infections for all types of reasons, and often they’re recurring, and many times women can’t pinpoint the reason for it. But it appears to me that it’s more likely that certain lubes could — I repeat, could, as all women react differently — lead to a yeast infection because of their ingredients. If you’ve had bad reactions to certain lubes, ID makes a hypoallergenic one that’s glycerin-free. I can’t vouch for its pleasure properties, though.


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