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Does anyone use condoms for oral sex?

Posted by Condomologist on February 21, 2009

Sorry to pick on Towson University here. There’s nothing special about their story; I just happened to come across it today. But here’s just one of thousands of examples across the country — including at the wonderful agency I work for in Philadelphia — of what I consider wasted time and money promoting flavoured condoms for oral sex. Because I’ve yet to come across anyone who actually wants to or engages in sucking or licking a penis covered in latex — regardless of whether it (supposedly) tastes like chocolate or banana or strawberry. I previously said that their novelty in attracting attention might be worth the cause, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that nobody actually uses the damn things. If I’m wrong, please let me know. I used one once — my first actual experience with oral sex — and never again. A friend told me that her experience performing oral sex with one on was so repulsive, what with latex in her throat making it feel like she was suffocating, that she would never do it again. I know, I know, it protects against chlamydia and gonorrhea and may protect against syphilis and herpes and such, but seriously, we need to get real with our education. Let it be known that it’s an option for people, but don’t waste any more time and effort and money buying flavoured condoms when 99.9% of people just laugh it off. I’m all for comprehensive sex ed, but not fantasy sex ed. Sorry Towson, your intentions are good, but time to get with the program.


5 Responses to “Does anyone use condoms for oral sex?”

  1. Michal said

    i know sex workers do

    p.s. do uknow any good resources on flavored condoms and yeast infections?

    • Jonathan said

      fair point. in fact, my only experience using one was with a sex worker a long, long time ago. but outside of sex workers, i don’t know of anyone who uses them, which supports my larger point that it’s a waste of resources in most cases.

      funny you should ask about flavoured condoms and yeast infections. this is another one of those possible myths out there. the idea behind flavoured condoms causing yeast infections stems from the fact that they contain glycerine or some form of sugar compounds, but i don’t think they actually do (at least anymore). and even if they did, i’ve read conflicting information about whether or not this is true, that one should be cautious in using flavoured condoms for vaginal intercourse. i’ve read some places that even if there were glycerine, it would not necessarily cause yeast infections but rather exacerbate an existing yeast infection. i’ll do some research and post on this topic soon.

  2. Dana said

    There’s one reason safer sex people promote the use of condoms during oral sex, and that is: herpes.

    A 2002 study at University Health Services at the UW-Madison found that 78% of the herpes that we diagnose on a person’s genitals is actually HSV-I–the virus most commonly associated with oral herpes. HSV II is the virus most commonly associated with genital herpes, but that virus is the cause of the herpes that we see on a person’s genitals only 22% of the time at the UW-Madison.

    Since the herpes virus (I and II) can be transmitted from one person to another even when there are no obvious symptoms, this means one cannot say with confidence that they won’t transmit oral herpes to their partner during oral sex. So, a condom or sex dam becomes one’s only protection from this particular STI. See news reports of the UHS-UW-Madison study at:

    • Jonathan said

      yes indeed, herpes can be transmitted during oral sex. thanks for that dana. i remember quoting that study when i facilitated prograwms in madison. so by all means, i encourage their use if that’s something you’re comfortable doing, and from everything i’ve heard, flavored lubes make for a better taste than just flavored condoms. my larger point is simply that people don’t actually use them, despite everything they’re told. they’re simply willing to take the risk because the pleasure is worth it. so it’s not wrong to teach it, i just think it’s a waste of time to dedicate entire lectures to it. and more than anything, i wonder how much money is wasted on flavored condoms given out, then thrown out.

  3. […] partner of oral sex on a man with ejaculation…it’s kinda worth knowing. In the past, I’ve been rather flippant when it comes to using flavored condoms for blow jobs, because a) so few people do it because it […]

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