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Did I or Didn’t I Wrap It Up?

Posted by Condomologist on February 20, 2009

An interesting study reveals that some young women may overestimate the number of times they used condoms when having sex. Were they truly mistaken? Did they use them, but were unaware that a condom had broken? Were they under the influence and didn’t remember? My guess is one other theory the researchers propose, which is that respondents to a study will often give the socially desirable response. While I have nothing to base this on, this possibility goes to the heart of what some in the public health field fear: Everyone knows about condoms, they know where to find them and how to obtain them, and often they feel like they wish they had used them or should have used a condom — they just don’t — and they’ll tell people what they want to hear. Are the same old messages and safer sex educational programs stale, lacking innovation, or just not comprehensive enough. I fear that they are all of these things.


For those on the fence — they want to use them, they just don’t do it because condoms decrease sensation and pleasure — I seek a more sex-positive approach and I hope this blog is somewhat helpful in that regard. But in many ways, our thinking must address much wider structural and systemic issues in order to increase protected sex. When young people are homeless, lack caring adults in their lives, or don’t have hope in a better future, they are less likely to use protection, because their future well-being becomes secondary. So if we are to truly address issues of unplanned pregnancies and unnecessarily high STD rates, we have to think outside the box and tackle larger societal ills plaguing young people in cities and towns across America — not just address these issues with a sex-is-scary mentality.


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