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Deciphering Bristol Palin’s Attitude towards Condoms

Posted by Condomologist on February 19, 2009

Thanks to my wonderful sister for leading me to the Bristol Palin interview with the creepy Greta Van Susteren, in which I think she wants to say something like: “So many of the juniors and seniors at my school are having sex, because we’re naturally sexual beings who like to explore our hormonal rages and because sex is fun. And the fact is we’re no different from anywhere else in the world, in that we first engage in vaginal intercourse at about age 16-17. And there’s nothing wrong with that. So to teach abstinence-only-until-marriage is both highly unrealistic and irresponsible and it deprives us of the information about the importance of using condoms — and talking about using condoms — in preventing pregnancy. Levi and I sure wish we had a clue that unprotected sex would lead to this beautiful little baby who is now consuming our lives at age 18. But we didn’t, because religious conservatives and naive parents the country over think it goes against God’s will to have sex before marriage or even talk about it. And we sure wish that wasn’t the case, because we’d do anything to put off having this baby for another 10 years. So I’m here to be an advocate for other teens who are undoubtedly having sex, and I’m telling them to wear a damn condom.” That’s what she meant to say. Here’s about a minute of the interview below. Please don’t waste 10 minutes of your lives watching the rest of the interview; it’s not worth it.



One Response to “Deciphering Bristol Palin’s Attitude towards Condoms”

  1. […] When Levi Johnston — he of Bristol and Sarah Palin fame — made his way unexpectedly into our lives during the terrifying campaign of the Alaska governor last fall, I would’ve said with 100% certainty that I would never prop up his words on sexuality education as a model of insight and thoughtfulness. How wrong I was. It’s sad that Levi and Bristol are more concerned with petty spats than coming together for their son, but their respective craving of the spotlight has at least brought the question of abstinence education to a mainstream media too often lacking any substance. I know, it’s still People mag-type journalism (wow,  I sure do miss reading said trashy magazine at my parents’ house every week), but it’s news nonetheless. And let’s not forget that while Bristol now advocates for abstinence as the right and realistic way to prevent pregnancy, a few months ago she was telling Greta Van Susteren a different story. […]

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