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What’s large and non-latex and doesn’t make any sense?

Posted by Condomologist on February 18, 2009

A friend asked about polyurethane condoms in a larger size — for the well-endowed or those who just prefer a roomier fit — and I was stumped at first because the most common styles sold in the States are the Trojan Supra and the Durex Avanti and the Lifestyles Skyn (which is actually polyisoprene) and none sell as a larger-fit condom. A little research uncovered the Japanese brand Sagami, which sells their polyurethane in a Large size and brands them as the world’s thinnest condoms, and is available on Craig’s List in Vancouver in case you’re interested. But dig a little deeper into the world of larger-size condoms and you realize that basically “large” means it’s bigger in length or diameter or headroom than something else. And digging even deeper I’m ready to tear my hair out and scream.


The condom brand websites don’t give out information on length, diameter, headroom, circumference, all that jazz. So one is left to consult various online sellers — if you have a better source, please do tell — where you’ll read things like “15% larger than normal,” “38% thinner than normal,” or one site tells you the Sagami Large is 175 mm long and 33mm in diameter and Craig’s List says it’s 195mm long and 60mm in width. (Of course Craig’s List is not a good source, but after reading official condom sellers, it’s as good as any.) Trojan Supra might be 60mm in width or it might be 57mm. Trojan Magnum might be 205mm long and 54mm in diameter, but who the hell knows? And if so, can it really be dubbed “magnum” because it’s not as big as Durex XXL, which one site purports to be 235mm long?


I guess I have to break out the ruler and test for myself, but that wouldn’t help when trying to settle the debate of the world’s thinnest, and that’s as much of an argument as any to be had. The only thing I can now tell my friend is that there is a condom called Sagami Large, it’s made of polyurethane, and it’s crazy expensive. And also that figuring out condom sizes will drive a person insane.


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