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Lamb intestines on your penis? Sounds tasty

Posted by Condomologist on February 18, 2009

While I’ve utterly failed to answer the polyurethane condom question of one reader, one of my senior citizen readers asked whether the Forex lambskin condom, an old trusty friend of his, still exists. The answer is no, it was taken off the market years ago. The only lambskin condom — though really, it’s made of lamb intestines or membranes as their site says, not skin — currently on the market is Naturalamb, and they’re about $3 a pop — though you can get a free sample from their website. As the CDC says, “In laboratories, viruses occasionally have been shown to pass through natural membrane (“skin” or lambskin) condoms, which may contain natural pores and are therefore not recommended for disease prevention (they are documented to be effective for contraception),” so they’re recommended only to prevent pregnancy. But in the public health world, we talk constantly about risk reduction, and so the wording “occasionally” made me wonder whether there is any real-world risk of HIV transmission and brought me back to what my friend Dare said about the oft-quoted advice not to use two condoms for fear of them both breaking: “Most of these myths persist because we’re afraid to roll back on anything that might encourage being less careful at all, even if we have no evidence for them.” In this case, there is evidence that in laboratory settings, HIV can make its way through pores in a lambskin condom, but as pointed out here, there doesn’t appear to be any cases where HIV was transmitted through a lambskin condom that didn’t rupture. And I couldn’t find any evidence of such a case existing either. So back to risk reduction: If these condoms are your thing or you’re allergic to latex and don’t like polyurethane condoms, you’re far better off using them to reduce your risk of contracting an STD than not using one at all, despite what public health professionals the world over will tell you. And they’re highly effective in preventing pregnancy. And word on the street is that they feel pretty damn good.


2 Responses to “Lamb intestines on your penis? Sounds tasty”

  1. Dare said

    Good looking out! This was one I didn’t know.

  2. […] in films, suppositories, gels, it can still be a highly effective form of birth control. But like lambskin condoms, which Sinbad tells us are bad because they have holes, condoms with Nonoxynol-9 are better than no […]

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