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MTV: For better or worse?

Posted by Condomologist on February 17, 2009

When cable TV first came crashing into my life, there were two constants: ESPN and MTV. ESPN will forever be in my living room because I love sports, and I find it a healthy escape (except when I watch fishing or bowling to pass the time). MTV, on the other hand, continues to confound me. When it was mostly music, it worked wonders for our listening and viewing pleasure. And even in the early days of Real World, with Puck and Pedro and the gang, it presented some intriguing real-life issues worth exploring. But in the last 10 years, it has devolved into glorifying much of what ails our society: a celebration of celebrity (watch teenie-boppers melt in front of their favorite pop star on the afternoon countdown), an infatuation with bling and luxury (see Cribs), a bizarre interest in the vapid and inane lifestyles of well-to-do teenagers (The Hills)…the list goes on, and most of the younger generation knows what I’m talking about. But because of the complete devotion of so many teens to MTV, the network has built a platform to truly reach America’s youth, and they’ve used it, in some important respects — like politics and sex — as a force for good. To deny MTV’s reach and not seek to work alongside them in furthering their messages of taking healthy control of one’s sex life would miss the boat in working to educate youngins about condoms and safer sex. They certainly are the source of mindless blather and their shows lead to many a wasted evening on the couch — something I can certainly vouch for — but it’s important to recognize what they’ve done right and encourage them to do more educational, REAL world programming. Below is a commercial they put out, and it provides a good alternative to this video I posted a few weeks back, in that the woman takes charge and makes it clear where she stands, leaving no wiggle room for some guy trying to weasel out of using a condom.



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