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Posted by Condomologist on February 12, 2009

Anyone looking closely at the Durex video I just posted may have seen at the end a website displayed on the screen. Truth is that I didn’t even notice it until I posted the video. Well follow that URL and it takes you to Condomunity, a site with very much the same goals as my own. Lacking any technological savvy, I didn’t know this Swiss law student’s site even existed until a few weeks into my blog. I was convinced no one else out there had the same brilliant idea. How wrong I was. But while some may see this site as competing with my own, I can honestly say that I’m happy his site exists. It gives readers more options to discuss condoms. It pushes me to do something as well thought-out and polished and useful as his site. Hopefully we’ll cater to different audiences. And surely we’ll have different takes on the same topics. And because I work in sexual health for a living, my guess is I’ll have a somewhat different perspective and will address different topics. So I’m glad you exist, Simon Schmid, and it’s nice to have found you. I couldn’t be pissed, anyway, because a) you’re Swiss and b) you’re doing what’s most important with safer sex: creating a dialogue. I hope we can complement each other nicely.


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