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Keeping Grandma and Grandpa Safe

Posted by Condomologist on February 11, 2009

In the HIV/AIDS world, we seldom target older folks — forgive me for calling you old, Mom and Dad, but you do get the senior citizen discount at the movies — or more precisely, the over-50 crowd. But the numbers in that age group have been rising for a number of different reasons. Doctors and outreach workers don’t ask questions or test them, couples stop using condoms once pregnancy is not in the cards, this population doesn’t see themselves at risk or they mistake HIV/AIDS symptoms for something else old person-related. And, of course, Viagra in the nursing home makes the men a bit freakier. (I actually had an 84 year-old in West Philly tell me a few weeks back that ED meds changed his life to the tune of multiple sexual encounters a day; then he smiled and did a little spin move as he walked away.) To ignore this crowd, as we so blatantly do when passing out or marketing condoms, does us all a disservice, and it would serve us well to engage them when possible. And if you don’t think it can be done, I’ll track down the spry gentleman at 56th and Market; he seemed ready for his second career as a sexual health spokesman to take off. For you old-school cats, here’s the Golden Girls spreading the good word.



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  1. […] by Jonathan on April 28, 2009 I wrote awhile back about the Golden Girls making condom buying funny, and in the wake of Bea Arthur’s death this week, TV Guide revisits some seminal moments in […]

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