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High Fashion

Posted by Condomologist on February 11, 2009

My friend Michal, a fellow educator and student of all things sex, notes how beautiful and innovative condoms can be. I’ve seen just one article of clothing made of condoms, a flowing skirt, and it was pretty damn cool. I’m officially petitioning Tim Gunn and his cohorts to have a condom challenge when the show finally gets going again. Oh how I miss you Project Runway! These ladies give us a taste of what to expect.




3 Responses to “High Fashion”

  1. Michal said

    Whoa these girls are naked, but i appreciate the creativity.

    Did you post this one?

    I support this project runway endeavor. Let them use dental dams too, okay?

  2. Jonathan said

    The original link in the post, which now appears to not be working, was the same link you posted. so yes, i gave your link its due, and thank you for pointing the viewers to it once again.

  3. person said

    the best part is that they are naked and have condoms ready for anything

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