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Condoms everywhere!

Posted by Condomologist on February 9, 2009

Expanding on the vending machine theme, I got to thinking of one way to save time and effort, still distribute condoms for free, but also make sure they’re ending up in the hands of people who truly want them. (I often wonder how many we waste by sticking little baggies full of them in people’s faces on the street, even if they have no plans on using them.) What if we as sexual health organizations made a push to put condom vending machines in more bars, restaurants, sex shops, laundromats, barbershops, and the like — with a good variety of brands and styles — and then distributed tokens to the managers of those places to be redeemed for, say, 2 free condoms? That way no one pays $1 a pop, and they’re more trusting of the source. And instead of putting the machine next to little nudie sticker machines beside a urinal, we put them next to the juke box or the pool table.  Men and women have to make the effort to ask for a token, but they’d hopefully be wasted far less. They’d get to try or pick out the brand they want, it’s out in the open, and it promotes a discussion and forces people to talk about condoms. Some might worry that’s a deterrent, but I think the upside is far greater. Worth a shot, no?


2 Responses to “Condoms everywhere!”

  1. Dan said

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Do you think your Mazzoni peeps would be interested in a pilot project — a few machines at a few bars, regularly stocked by you guys, just to see if it generates any interest.

    • Jonathan said

      I’m going to put it to them. The idea just came to me over the weekend. My only thing is that I’d like to have a good variety, like a machine with 8 different dispensers — or really cool would be a candy-type machine. And the money for that may be more difficult to come by. I’m thinking with some time we might be able to get the condom companies to donate the machines.

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