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Lube it up

Posted by Condomologist on February 7, 2009

During my first forays into sexual intercourse and condom use, I had many a painful experience because never had I been told that lubrication could be added to an already (lightly) lubricated condom. The moment I discovered I could buy little bottles of the stuff at the store, well, I wouldn’t say it changed my life…but yeah, it kinda changed my life. It makes a condom feel better, it makes them less likely to break because there’s less friction, and it can be especially important for your partner because vaginas don’t always naturally lubricate and anuses never do. When having anal sex, use lube, lube, more lube, and when you think you have enough, use some more. We can’t talk condoms if we don’t talk lube. And my tip for the night, and another one I had to learn from experience: KY Jelly, while it may be the oldest and best known on the market, ain’t necessarily the best way to go; it gets tacky and dries up quickly. Just know there are dozens of other brands on the market, and most of them are better than KY. We’ll talk more in detail about some of those down the road.


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